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Introduction 🎨

Dreamiverse is a game about exploration.

Starting with nothing but in the complete dark, you will have to paint the world around you to find your way and wonder in this mysterious place…

Play hide and seek with cute fairies that gives you their color when found.

Fairies love to hide in flowers…


- Mouse to look around and paint.
- ZQSD keys to move.

- Eugénie Vallier - Models & Sprites
- Adrien Roussel - Code
- Antoine Dezarnaud - Code - @antoined73

- Unity3D
- Blender & Maya
- Sounds on freesound

Install instructions

1. Download the .zip

2. Extract it

3. Open LD45.exe


Dreamiverse - [QWERTY controls] version 28 MB
Dreamiverse - [AZERTY controls] version 28 MB


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Cute game, not really clear what to do. I got stuck on the second door, just wouldn't open. Sure wish there was a save function. If there is, I haven't seen it quite yet. So forgive me. Otherwise, I think I'd love to dwelve into this game again. Especially if there was some deeper story that opened up. Like what the creature we're chasing is. Who we are, why we can only see after we paint. Especially if there are characters later in the game to give a lil more then just simple whimsy.

Thanks for the feedback ! You need to paint the door with the right color. To change color, you'll need to find the little fairy :)

"Fairies love to hide in flowers…"

As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!

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Thanks for playing and thank you for the useful video (we can see what goes wrong in the game) !