A downloadable game for Windows


A Real time operating system creates you and ask you to execute tasks and resolve problems.
The thing is that you only have a limited amount of time to achieve it.
Defeat all the problems that are coming for you and try to convince the OS to let you live longer...

Quick. The clock is ticking.


Kill ennemies to gain more life time and trade your life for upgrades between waves to increase your shoot speed, movement speed or damages.


Move - arrow keys or WASD

Aim - Mouse

Shoot - Left click

XBOX Controller

Move - Left stick

Aim - Right stick

Shoot - Right trigger


Antoine Dezarnaud - code, music, graphics, SFX

Any feedbacks on it in the comments are welcome.

Please share your thoughts, and comment below :) 

Install instructions

For windows x86 and x64

Extract .zip and open RealTime.exe


RealTime.zip 25 MB


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Really addictive. But I never got further than 4th wave.
And the sound of a hit feels great!

Really enjoyed this game - would you mind sharing the source code (github)? Would love to learn from this game!

Thanks ! Unfortunatly the code is far from beeing an example, it is such a mess x)